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Um, oops January 11, 2009

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No, you didn’t miss anything. I did not, in fact, post yesterday. My excuse? Well. I was out. All day. No kidding.

Around 10:30, Janelle came and got me and we went shopping. My goal was to get a pair of work pants and three shirts for as close to $50 as possible. I got exactly those items for $50.94. HA.

After that, we went and picked up my sister and went to 3 Kittens Needle Arts. My sister and I both had gift certificates, and I wanted to get some sock yarn to knit some socks for my Great-Uncle. I got this:

Malabrigo Sock

Malabrigo Sock, in color Alcaucil (semi-solid dark olive green). I haven’t picked a pattern out yet.

I also got this:

Not actually grey, I promise

5 skeins of Plymouth Galway Worsted in a color that really isn’t as grey is this photo makes it look. It’s actually a pale grey with a lot of purple and blue in it. Very misty. It’s for a Snow White sweater, which takes surprisingly little yarn, actually.

After an hour or so there, we stopped for ice cream and then Janelle and I picked up our respective men and went to her friend’s birthday party. We were going to go bowling after, but didn’t end up feeling like it. We came back to my place and Janelle and I played the Sims 2 until midnight.

Thus, no post yesterday.

Today, I did this.

Spot the differences!

The astute among you who have been to my apartment since late November will note the lack of Christmas tree, as we took down all of the Christmas stuff today. You may also, if you’re quite clever, notice that I moved the bookcase from one corner to another, mostly because of that cd player you see on it. Where it was before, there was no plug, so we couldn’t use it. Most of the time I’m fine using itunes in the bedroom, but sometimes I want to listen to a cd in the living room, so that was frustrating. Today with the tree gone it was easier to see how to move things to make it work. I like this layout a lot better… feels like a good use of space.

We also got groceries today. It’s nice to have some food in the house, though for some reason I didn’t cook today. I had enough leftovers that it wasn’t necessary. We ate up the rest of that spinach lentil soup.

This evening I did some work on Wisteria, and this time, I DID finish the yoke chart… well, at least the cabling anyway. I love this cable pattern, though it is fiddly to do. It’s just gorgeous. I can’t really capture it properly with my sad little camera, but here is what I got.

Close up

One cable


4 Responses to “Um, oops”

  1. Chris Says:

    The Snow White sweater looks cool.

  2. berlinbetty Says:

    Oooh, Wisteria is looking great! I’m jealous of your yarn purchases. The Galway is beautiful. How’s the Malabrigo Sock? No one around me carries it, but I’m feeling a little desperate to lay my claws on some. Just a little.

  3. Lina Says:

    Your Wisteria is looking very nice. Can’t wait to see it finished! Oh and I just took Christmas stuff down yesterday myself… it feels so nice to have it out of the house, actually. My apartment isn’t big enough to accommodate a huge tree the whole year, LOL!

  4. You Know Who Says:

    But the tree! I was going to crawl under it and paw the ornaments off of it like a cat.

    And hooray for more gallivanting! It was tremendous fun even though you teased me with that Salty Dog. Jerk.

    Next Saturday, we should Sims until 3am (Sunday). Just to annoy the boys. (Or, y’know, to make them sleepy.)

    I agree with Christopher. The Snow White pattern looks neat.

    Also, sock-tastic.

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