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Sweatercano January 8, 2009

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Sweatercano?See it?

sweatercanooooHow about now?

So yes, I moved the sweater(cano) to a longer circular needle today, as I had enough stitches, and it looks nearly exactly like Mt. Saint Helens. Or something.

I’m about halfway through the yoke chart, now. Of course, every few rows there’s 12 more stitches, so it takes longer and longer, but I’m pretty glad to be nearly done with the cabling for a while… my hands hurt.

Today Janelle came over again, and we made an awesome dinner. I bake all our bread (in case you didn’t know that already) and we were nearly out, so that was first on the agenda.

Breadz!(Honey whole wheat, if you’re curious.)

Last weekend when we were out shopping, Cory and I went to a Breugger’s for lunch and I got some spinach lentil soup that was quite good. Cory doesn’t normally like lentils, but he tasted the soup and said “learn to make this soup!”

So I did.

Spinach lentil soup(Recipe here, added carrots.)

Both were completely delicious. Nom.

Tomorrow is Friday! Hooray. Also: payday, which means both grocery shopping and clothes shopping, as I am sadly down to one pair of work pants and maybe four shirts. Hopefully both shoppings will happen this weekend, or I will be hungry. And have to do laundry. And that’s never good.


2 Responses to “Sweatercano”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    Soup! And Sweatercanoe! And Simoncanoe! (Or was it a Simoncano?)

    I want to nom more of your bread, pls.

  2. […] I’ll explain that later. That deserves several posts of its own.) and I’ve picked Wisteria back up at long last. I mostly work on Wisteria at work, and with how busy this week has been, that […]

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