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In Which I am Boring, and Simon is Huge January 7, 2009

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Be forewarned: I’m not kidding. I’m gonna be pretty boring today.

Today at work, nothing happened. There were some tickets, I knit, and I ate some food.

Today at home, nothing happened. I ate more food, Cory ate some food also, and I knit and listened to a podcast (Cast On, with Brenda Dayne, if you’re curious).

Being linked to this was the most interesting thing that happened to me today. You should definitely check it out. Hilarity will ensue.

I am to the yoke chart on my sweater. It looks like this now:

The collar and start of yoke

It is quite enjoyable.

Now, on to Simon. Simon has a bed. He has had this bed since he came to us as a kitten, 2 and a half years ago. It is a round, carpet-lined cat tree type bed, on top of a sisal-wrapped scratching post.  This is him, the day we got him.

Simon in his bed age 3 months

He was about 3 months old in that photo. At the time, his previous owner, who had rescued his (then pregnant) mother from the streets said that Simon looked exactly like his mom– he was even the same size as her. She was a little cat, but Simon was already an enormous kitten.

I happened to look over at Simon a minute ago, lying in that very same bed.

Simon in his bed age 2.5 years

Uh. Let’s see one more, just to make sure I’m not messin’ about.


Dude. You do not fit anymore. Stop tryin’.

I’d never compared photos of him before, but that really brought it home to us how big the cat is.


I thought today, since I’m boring, I would either be more interesting, or continue to bore you (pick one) by posting another yarn review.

Today’s review:

Pagewood Farms Yukon, 70% Merino, 20% Bamboo, 10% Nylon. 450 yd per 124g ball.

Rating: ●●●●●

This is the yarn that I made Carmen’s socks out of, shown here. It is hand dyed in small batches by, I believe, a couple in California. They have several lines of sock yarn (including a cashmere blend that I have not knit with but OH do I want to).


  • Machine washable! I know, a luxury blend machine washable sock yarn? Does it get any better?!
  • Beautiful, subtle variegated colors. Absolutely stunning knit up, and mine at least did not pool.
  • Quite sturdy. The nylon helps with this, but so does the bamboo content.
  • Speaking of bamboo content, bamboo is shiny, soft, strong, antibacterial, and a renewable resource. YAY!
  • Very, very soft and squishy. Thick enough to knit up well on 2s.
  • Great yardage! The ankle socks I made for Carmen only used about 1/2 of the ball.


  • Pricey. One ball of this ran me about $18. But it’s hand-dyed luxury fiber, and most sock yarns in those categories run at least $23, so really, it’s quite a bargain.
  • This is a fairly new yarn, I believe, so it could be hard to find. I know of two yarn stores in the Twin Cities that sell it, though.
  • No solid colors. If that’s your thing, sorry, you won’t find it here.

Overall: FABULOUS yarn, honestly, and I can’t wait to knit with it again! There was nothing whatsoever that I disliked about it enough to consider not buying as much as I can get my piggy little hands on. So, if you want some, you might want to buy it before payday.

Just sayin’.


3 Responses to “In Which I am Boring, and Simon is Huge”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    I still want to steal your cat. Only not really, cause then you’d be sad (and mad). Instead, I wish to squish your cat. Much more fun for all involved! (Simon doesn’t count there, sorry. He probably thinks it’s fun anyway, in his Simonface way.)

    Also, that is a pretty awesome collar-thing you got goin’ on. You’ll let me squish that too, right?

  2. Nicole Says:


    b) I just bought a skein of the Pagewood Farms cashmere blend (I believe it’s called Alyeska – colorway “Mississippi Mud”) in a totally unjustifiable splurge. No idea what I’ll knit with it, but it’s just luscious. The woman at the LYS counter kept petting it while she was adding up my total.

  3. BerlinBetty Says:

    I like the little pile of dirty socks in the picture. Now I don’t feel so bad about my own (much larger, and probably stinker) pile of dirty socks. The sweater is looking amazing, I love the color. I haven’t blogged in almost two weeks, so I think I win the boring award. I haven’t done ANY knitting.

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