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Disagree (1) January 4, 2009

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Last night after posting here I went onto Ravelry to the NaKniSweMoDo group and posted my shrug in the “completed” thread (well actually I had to create the “completed” thread, but that’s beside the point). I put up photos, I gave stats, the usual blather. I got a nice comment, another lady posted her shrug she’d just finished, and then today around 1 I stopped by the thread as there were new replies.

It turns out people had been clicking “disagree” on both my post and that of the other lady who had knit a shrug, and people were debating both why “disagree” had been clicked and what, exactly the rules were, since it was widely agreed that the point of contention with both of our posts was the fact that we knit shrugs, which are arguably not sweaters. A moderator had popped in to clarify the posted rules:

The rulz are few:

  • The sweater/top(s) must be sized for an adult.
  • All 12 sweaters must be fully completed and ready to wear by December 31, 2009.
  • You decide how you want to complete the 12 sweater challenge in one year. It’s your Along.

She also stated that according to these rules, particularly the fourth one there, shrugs are fine as long as you personally believe they fall into your personal categorization of “sweater”. And for me, for the purposes of this challenge, they do. They cover part of your torso and part of your arms.  They’re about as much knitting as would be in a skimpy tank top, which I know other NaKniSweMoDoers are doing.

I thought, for a while, and stated in my response that this disagreeing didn’t bother me as it just meant “ok, our opinions of ‘sweater’ are apparently different.” But the more I think about it (and the fact that I am thinking about it proves that it does, in fact, bother me) the more annoyed I get. It states very clearly in the rules that you get to decide what constitutes a sweater. The only set-in-stone rule rules are adult sizes only and 12 done by Dec 31, right?

I suppose people have every right to disagree with me. I’m really just wondering what the point is. What do they hope to achieve? Get me disqualified? Make me feel bad about myself? Force me to knit a 13th sweater this year to make up for my “fake one”? Or are they just making themselves feel better about their own categorization?

Discuss. I’d really like to hear opinions on this one.

In the meantime, I finished something else last night. I’ve made (either knit or crocheted) two scarves for my husband, previously. Both were out of black and burgundy Red Heart (I know, I was young and foolish!). Well, this year, I decided that he needed a proper wool scarf. He’d previously stated that he really only liked scarves, didn’t know or care much about other forms of neck-warming. So, I bought two skeins of Cascade 220 twist in olive/black and cast on the One Row Handspun Scarf by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. At first I was knitting it on 9s with one strand, but it was going incredibly slowly so I frogged and cast on again double-stranded on 10.5s.

I knit about 2 feet on it and realized, AGAIN, just how much I hate knitting scarves. They go on forever, they’re boring, they’re bulky to bring with you, and did I mention they go on forever? And then I hit upon another conclusion: I was quickly running out of yarn.

So I did what any good knitter would do. I tried to convince him that what he really wanted was a buttoned scarf, or gaiter. I had all kinds of arguements planned, but luckily he was easy to convince. I just walked into the living room with his 2.5 feet of scarf wrapped around my neck in the way it would look as a gaiter. He decided that was cool and picked out his own buttons, I knit some buttonholes and another inch or so and bound off.

Cory's gaiter

I think he looks terribly dignified.

After that, I cast on a hat for my mom. I had knit a Verity hat for myself a few weeks back, and my mom liked it and asked me to make one for her. Now that I had some time, I decided to make that. I had purchased some black Bristol Yarn Gallery King George (45% baby alpaca, 45% merino, 10% cashmere) just for this purpose, and let me tell you, never have I been more depressed about my wicked alpaca allergy/sensitivity (I get horribly itchy, hot spots where it touches and if it’s there too long I get a rash. Luckily my hands are unaffected, it’s just my neck/wrists/torso).  This stuff is like nothing else. It is so soft, even knit up, that I could practically eat it.

King George the Hat

I’m about halfway done. I keep stopping. I don’t do well knitting any pattern more than once. I hope to get this done by tomorrow evening, when I’m going to my mom’s to help take down her Christmas decorations, so I can give it to her then.

No review today. I may do them every other day, or perhaps just when I feel like it. For now, I have some sweaters to disagree with.


4 Responses to “Disagree (1)”

  1. autumn Says:

    In a fight between a knit shrug and a tank top, the shrug would beat the tank top down with its long, floppy arms.

    Honestly, I can’t believe there’s actually a system setup to “disagree” with someone’s sweater. Do not blame the participants–the website you are using was apparently designed and coded incorrectly.

    Also, I am a fan of those buttoned scarves. I did not know it was called a gaiter.

  2. You Know Who Says:

    I disagree with their disagreeing! Multiple times!

    I like the shrug (on you) personally. And I like the peek-a-cat. I also really like the gaiter (gator!) thing you convinced Cory to accept. Finally, I like my armadillos. Thanks for those.

  3. You Know Who Says:

    P.S. Cory needs a top hat for that picture. Most definitely.

  4. Jen Says:

    You’re right, he does look terribly dignified in it. That’s quite a nice photo, you should frame it… or something.

    I will learn to knit this year. I decided early, and you just sealed it for me. Thanks!

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