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An ending, a beginning January 1, 2009

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It is sort of appropriate that last night I finished a project, and today began another. Well, not technically began. But I did pick it up again for the first time in months.

The finished project is one that has had a long and painful battle with me. I cast on these socks on February (yes. February 2008.) 24th and got about halfway done with the first one before picking up other projects. I was getting married, and graduating college, and I had to come up with a Mother’s Day present, and… well, I just had to much else to knit and couldn’t be bothered with a rather boring pair of plain green socks. I wasn’t really digging the toe-up construction, either, so they just went by the wayside.

Then, in August, I decided to join the Ravelympics. If you don’t know about this, well, you really ought to pay more attention, but it was an event alongside the Summer Olympics. You could pick any wool-related challenge that you thought would be difficult, but attainable, for yourself, and tried to complete it by the end of the Olympics. I joined an event called “WIP (work in progress) wrestling”. I had two pairs of socks and a shrug, started ages ago, that I decided to try to complete in that timeframe.

It was going well. I was zooming along on the green socks- one complete, and I got to the heel on the second sock, turned it and started in on the leg… …and then realized that I’d turned the heel a half an inch later than I had on the first sock.

This frustrated me. I was… well, I was furious, to be honest. I had measured and remeasured to be sure I was turning it at the right point, and it somehow lied to me to the extent that if I had left it that length that sock would have been far too big. So I gave up. I quit the Ravelympics, and the socks (and shrug) went into this box.


I moved on to other projects. (If you’re wondering, I did complete a Ravelympics event– Sock-put. I cast on a new pair and knit them in about a week.) But a few days ago, I decided with the year coming to a close, it was time. (plus I wanted new socks.) So as of last night at 9:30 pm, I had these.


Yarn: Knitpicks Essential, 2 balls, color Grass. Pattern: Wyvern Socks by Marnie McLean, size 2 needles.

Now that they’re done, I’m quite fond of them, really.

Today is the first official day of NaKniSweMoDo, a challenge that I’m probably completely insane for attempting. The idea, spawned from NaKniSweMo, is to complete 12 adult-sized tops in one year. The rules are fairly loose, so I’ve chosen for my purposes to count a shrug as a top. That way if I fall behind I can easily crank out a tank or shrug in a week and get myself up to date. The aforementioned box-of-shame shrug is my first project, as WIPs also count toward the total. It’s technically a One-Skein Wonder (by Stephanie Japel), with some pretty hefty mods.


How it began- I got the yarn, two skeins of Misti Cotton/Silk in the elegantly named color “3814”, for my birthday from some friends of mine. It’s gorgeous, super soft, and I’m such a sucker for anything with silk content that I decided to try to use as much of it as possible by making a “two-skein” wonder. I’m lengthening the sleeves to elbow-length and making the ribbing as long as possible. It may end up as more of a bolero, which I am just fine with.

Why it went into hibernation- well… I was making it as a tattoo cover-up (I have an upper arm tattoo) for my first real job. Then I got the job, and found out that I don’t actually have to cover my tattoo. That plus the fact that cotton is not very stretchy and I was trying to use a 16inch circ to do the work of dpns… it wasn’t pretty. I couldn’t get the stitches to move smoothly on the cable and it was painful on my hands and I just didn’t want to do it anymore.

Now, however, I have size 6 dpns. So to give myself momentum for the rest of the year, I’m finishing this up quickly first thing.

Today, Cory and I went down to Edina to use some gift cards as there are nice sales on New Years Day. I had previously used a gift card at a smaller Joann Fabrics, but I had another one, and my husband had one for Borders. I came away with this haul (including previous purchase):

the haulolivewooldenim woolThat’s 6 skeins of Patons Classic Wool in New Denim, 8 skeins of same in Moss Heather, The Knitting Answer Book by Margaret Radcliffe, and the Fall 2008 issue of KnitScene. In one of those bags is a tube of 6/0 beads in mixed purples, for an eventual shawl.

I’m planning to use the New Denim for a February Lady Sweater, to be knitted in, appropriately, February, and the Moss… probably Wisteria by Kate Gilbert. Not sure yet, though. Other than that, I’m really not sure what I’ll be doing for the other 9 sweaters. I’ve got enough planned to get me to my birthday in March, so at that point hopefully I’ll get more yarn!


2 Responses to “An ending, a beginning”

  1. You Know Who Says:

    Hmm… so then, time to get plotting and planning on how to keep you rolling in yarn… so that I can come over and roll in it! Hahahaha!

    Srsly, tho. I like the yarns you got. Can’t wait to squish my face in them.

  2. […] used this one several times, including the socks I finished on Dec 31 (here, if you’re too lazy to scroll down a bit or you don’t remember or something). It was […]

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