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A sheepish first post? December 31, 2008

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Um. Hi?

I’m always terrible at beginnings. When I was in college I’d spend *hours* agonizing over the first section, paragraph, even sentence of a paper, but once that was down and over with I’d crank out the rest in a comparitively short time.  This, however, is less formal (hey, I’m not getting graded, anyway) so I’ll just get it over with and move on.

I’ll be making my first real post tomorrow, since technically the idea was to blog about NaKniSweMoDo (primarily, at any rate) and that starts tomorrow. But hey, it’s midnight somewhere, right? So I thought I’d crank out an intro post and leave the meat (figurative, I assure you, though does anyone knit with meat? Gross, but somehow intriguing) for tomorrow.

In any case. If you’re curious about me, my “meet the blogger” blurb is linked at the upper right. Mostly all you need to know is that I am, first and foremost, a knitter. If you aren’t interested in yarn, wool, or sheep… well, you may not be interested in me. But I’m also a huge geek, something of a gamer, a cat person, a bit of a foodie with serious baking overtones, a sometime artist, and a creative genius bent on world domination a fairly interesting person, overall.

…stay awhile, and listen!